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2019 AOTCA Busan

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Visitors will also have the opportunity to try tasty Korean food, at places ranging from street stalls to traditional restaurants. A specific optional tour programme has been tailor-made for registered participants and their accompanying persons. These tours will provide an excellent opportunity to discover some of the most outstanding historic and cultural assets that Busan and other regions in Korea are ready to offer.

Igidae Galmaet-gil

The coastal walking path passes along gentle cliffs which look down over the ocean. The course covers a 3.95-km stretch running through from Dongsaengmal, Eoulmadang, Nong Rock to Oryuk Islets Sunrise Park. Where Gwangan Bridge ends, there is Bunpo, which used to be a salt farm. Over Bunpo, you see the green mountain ahead of you at Igidae Park. Some spectacular views from Nong Rock to Oryuk Islets are the essence of Igidae Park.

Busan Cinema Center

The symbol of Busan, a film city. Busan Cinema Center is the first video multi-cultural space in the world where films and performance arts are integrated. It is also the venue for the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). The building is equipped with three movie theatres and a multi-purpose performance hall. The building also contains over 120,000 LED lights under the world’s largest roofed stage providing a fantastic sight at night.

Lighthouse Road (the World Cup Lighthouse, Baby Bottle Lighthouse)

Lighthouses with unique names such as Baby Bottle, Totem Pole (Mazinger Z), and World Cup are built along the Gijang waterfront. Daebyeon Harbor which you will encounter along Lighthouse Road was selected as one of the 100 most beautiful fishing villages in Korea by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Sightseeing Attractions

① Gwangan Bridge : Korea’s second-longest over water suspension bridge with a span of over 7.42km. Seen from the bridge, the spectacular views of the Busan coastline unfold. Referred to as the Diamond Bridge, it’s a beautiful structure, especially after dusk when brought to life with colorful lights.

② Haeundae Covered Cart Bar Village : One of the famous food villages of Busan located behind Haeundae Beach. his is a place where even celebrities flock to during the Busan International Film Festival. You can try special dishes from each snack cart, which are mainly a variety of fresh seafood.
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