2019 AOTCA Busan

AOTCA Officers
KACPTA Board of Directors
Arrangement Committee
Promotion Committee
AOTCA Member

KACPTA Board of Directors

Won, Kyeong Hei

Vice President
Jang, Un Gil

Vice President
Ko, Eun Kyung

Vice President
Lee, Dae Kyu

Vice President
Kim, Kwan Kyun

Standing Vice President
Park, Dong Kyu

Chairman of Ethics Committee
Han, Heon Chun

Kim, Kyom Soon

Nam, Chang Hyeon

Director for Tax Training Center
Lee, Dong Il

Director of General Affairs
Jung, Dong Won

Director of Membership
Yoo, Eun Soon

Director of Research
Han Geun-chan

director of Legislation
Jun, Jin Gwan

Director of Business
Park, Yeon Keun

Director for

Jung, Kgung Hoon

Director of Public Realations
Cho, Jin Han

Director of International Affairs
Kyong, Chun Ho

Director of Supervisory Inspection
Park, Choong Won

Chairman of Purification & Investigation Committee
Jeon, Tae Su